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Is Aspergers an Illness or Just a Different Kind of Personality?

Some people have questioned whether Asperger’s syndrome is really an illness or just a different kind of personality. That depends entirely on your perception of things.



Yes, there are some very real biochemical and physical things that are different about someone with Asperger's.


·        Aspies (as people with Aspergers are sometimes called) will often have trouble initiating and sustaining social contact, because they just don't "get" certain things about what they are supposed to do.

·         They will have trouble with loud noises and crowded atmospheres.

School may overwhelm them, with all the kids running about and no clear rules of what to do. The world may feel too disordered and chaotic.

·         They will want routine and black and white rules, and to do everything the same way every time, and the world does not allow for that.

·         They will not understand why they have so much trouble communicating with others and why others have so much trouble understanding them.


But people who have Aspergers can learn to work around all of those problems, often quite successfully. Whether viewed as a disorder or personality difference, it does affect those who have it quite a bit, but there is hope, and there is help.

Problems can be solved for those who have Asperger's. It is not a death sentence. Some famous people have been said to have Asperger's, such as Einstein and Bill Gates.

If we had no people with Asperger's, then we would be losing a very important way of thinking that has helped many people.

This is just a small part of the answers you will need to successfully survive and thrive with Aspergers. If you are looking for additional information immediately, go to the following site: www.AspergersSociety.org.

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